Penetration Testing Services
Penetration Testing Services
Penetration Testing Services
Penetration Testing Services Penetration Tests ("Pentest") are services that tests the target organization's hardware, software and network infrastructures against external or internal attacks, reports on findings and presents the proper solutions.

Penetration Testing is needed for the internal or external defense of your
• Servers,
• Web sites,
• KCorporate Mail Structure,
• Network Structure.

Upon a cyber attack, organizations usually take Penetration Testing services in order to

• Minimize information loss,
• Increase their resilience,
• Stop any interruptions in workflow,
• To prevent classified information and documents from falling into the wrong hands.
Pentests can be approached in 3 different ways;

Black Box: Finding potential points of failure throgh external attacks and social engineering without any prior information provided by the client organization..

White Box: Testing of vulnerabilities in specific targets designated by the client organization.

Grey Box: The Pentest team are provided with credentials to low-permission public portal for detection of potential internal attacks from within the organization.

In the aftermath of a test, Cyberage, with its team of internationally certified experts, provides reports detailing the Corporate Risk Rating along with potential solutions. The Pentest service also includes verification tests afterwards to confirm the client organization has indeed taken the necessary steps to patch their vulnerabilities.
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