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Cyberage constantly works to develop new, high quality services and products to help better meet our clients' changing needs. Our core principle is to preserve individual creativity while building upon it with teamwork to assure quality..

Our personnel have been working in systems, networking, infrastructure and software security since 1999, and have created solutions for companies from many different sectors since 2006. With a team that's proved their success in international contests, Cyberage presents cyber security services regarding ;

• Auditing,
• Consltancy and Application,
• Training,
• and Forensics.
Cyberage Company
Disasters Don't Just Happen
There is a cause for every effect. We're here to remove the causes.
Our Mission
Our Mission;
While you work towards your goals, we, as your long-term solution partners protect;
  • Your time,
  • Your efforts,
  • Your earnings,
  • Your standing
Our Vision
Our Vision;
Our capable team of experts are working to both help increase security through awareness in personal and corporate environments, while also aiming to leave a legacy of well-informed, aware and capable IT specialists for our country.
Our Values
Our Values;
  • Privacy
  • Trust and Responsibility
  • Teamwork and Solution-Orientation
  • Employee and Client satisfaction
  • Staying Cutting-Edge
General Manager Penetration testing, Network, Forsensics, Storage, Virtualization, Systems, Risk Management
Technical Team Manager Penetration Testing, Web, Network, Performance Testing, Social Engineering Testing
Business Development Manager Project Management, Business Development
Information Security Analyst Penetration Testing, Network, Systems, Application Security Research, Optimization, Debugging
IT Security Operations Specialist Penetration Testing, Web, Network, Performance Testing, Forensics, Systems, Social Engineering Testing, Cyber Espionage
Cyber Security Researcher Penetration Testing, Hardware, Electronics, Radio Frequencies, Physical Testing, Social Engineering
IT Security Consultant Penetration Testing, Network, Forensics, Storage, Virtualization
IT Security Consultant Penetration Testing, Systems, Web, Network
Social Engineer Recon, Cyber Espionage
IT Security Document Manager IT Documents Management
Communications Expert Communications, NLP