Cyberage administers CISTs (Cyber Incident Response Team) to organizations that have recently had cyber incidents, and Forensic analysis on-site as part of the service. For organizations focused more on proactive countermeasures, following security risks closely and detect them preemptively, "Cyber Intelligence" services will be presented. This way, organizations can be up to date on whether or not their sensitive/classified information has been leaked online, whether there are ongoing cyber attack operations directed towards their sector or themselves directly, and about the latest malware detected - and they can take the necessary precautions accordingly.

Forensics services include;
• The necessary support for the resolution of the incident that's requiring the forensics work,
• Collecting and analysis of evidence,
• The filing and reporting of findings,
• On-site or remote Incident Handling,
• Forensics law consultancy,
• Expert reports

Forensics investigations are done on

• Computers and hardware components,
• Networks,
• Mobile and smart devices..
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